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Role-Play Machugas Rules *Read Before Posting*

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Role-Play Machugas Rules  *Read Before Posting* Empty Role-Play Machugas Rules *Read Before Posting*

Post by ♠♠KingOfSpades♠♠ on 14/03/13, 01:50 pm

RolePlay Machugas Rules
1. No spamming or straying too far from the thread's topic. Posts that are obviously spam will be edited and deleted and the user posting it will be banned. If you feel you were banned wrongfully, just email a staff member, and we will negotiate. We do have a spam-topic board, but it's not the same as actual corporate spam; it is for forum games.

2. No excessive cursing is allowed, especially not towards other members. Occasional cursing is accepted here on RPM, but we do not tolerate it being used belligerently or condescendingly towards others. We also do not want to see a post filled with too much foul language, so please curse lightly, if you do. Also, always adhere to the RPM's guidelines for foul language permissions in their RP. Check the RP Guidelines for more information on this.

3. Be kind to all members--do not be disrespectful, offensive, or hateful.
3a. If you have a problem with another member, please report it to one of the staff-members before getting into confrontations on the board. Using the forum as a platform to attack another member only makes you look bad, so please be mature about it.
3b. We don't tolerate racial or sexual slurs on our board. This includes gay-bashing. If you post something accidentally, you will be warned, but continued offences will get post deleted and lead to being banned. If a topic is prone to running high emotions, please still be intellectually respectful, even if you disagree with someone--civility is not impossible. Failure to do so will result in you looking bad to the other members and the mods, and we might have to talk with you. If this doesn't work, we can also ban you.
3c. Netiquette applies! Have fun, post lots!

4. You are responsible for keeping up with any and all rule changes. The rules are edited/updated several times a year, including the forum rules, the chatbox rules, and the role play guidelines. If you want to know when the rules were last updated, we will post in this thread to let you know that we have given them an update.

5.Please respect our staff and owners. They work hard to keep this community together, so please be respectful toward them and keep their time and effort in mind. If there is a problem, please inform them, but please still be respectful. If you have a problem with a mod, please talk to another mod. If you have a problem with all of us, maybe this isn't a board that's for you. Insurrections against mods are taken seriously and they are not tolerated. You will be warned and asked to explain yourself, and you can be banned if things get out of hand.

6.Please respect the boundaries of others. If a member expresses that they don't want to talk to you, please don't push the issue. If you don't feel like talking to someone, you can ignore them by adding them as a “foe," which will hide their posts and disallow them from sending you PM's. This will not effect their member status and they will not know they are on this personal list.

7. Please keep severe life issues off of the board and seek qualified, professional help if it is an emergency. If it is not an emergency, but your behavior persists, you will be brought before the moderators and asked to explain your behavior. Before posting personal problems, think about what this is going to accomplish for you before you post.

8.Do not ask to be a moderator or administrator. We will have mod openings when the timing is appropriate, but there will be no applications. Feel free to express your interest in the position without asking to be one, but do not expect to be hired. All members will observed on their skills during a regular basis for the position when it becomes necessary. This also go for managers, applications will open when we need and members will be notified of this when the time comes.

9. Please note that each staff-member here is a neutral party. Whether you're a friend or foe of a staff member, all issues will be looked at case by case and in the same way as any other member. Admins KingOfSpades and Silver Wingdo not believe in giving any member special treatment, whether positive or negative. Rule breakers are rule breakers and will be dealt with accordingly. If you don't believe this, then maybe this isn't the forum for you.

10. This is an English only forum. If you do not speak English, we can not moderate what you say, and most people cannot understand you. Please make your post primarily English; you may use a translator if you would prefer to do so. We have members from all over the world, and we welcome them; however, we must be able to communicate with everyone.
10a. This also goes for native English speakers. Please make your speaking legible. No netspeak, l33t, or generally illegible text. Use capitals, punctuation, and periods. Separate your paragraphs. We are a Role-play forum, not a grammar forum, and I understand that. It does not have to be perfect, just good enough to read.
10b. Role-plays in other languages are allowed as long as you have a translator who is trusted by the staff of this site. Failure to have one will result in having your request denied. We currently have an active French Translator on staff. Please note that we will also only allow so many active role-plays in other languages at one time, so as not to overwork translators.

11. No advertising is allowed on this forum. This includes Private Messages, Posts, Excessive Chatbox use for such purposes, signatures, avatars, and Profile Visitor Messages. If you wish a particular forum site to be affiliated, contact an administrator.

12. Signatures and Avatars must remain within the size limit. Sigs or Avys that are too large will need to be replaced or a staff member will remove them for you. The signature size limit is 500X200px and the avatar size limit is 150X200px.

13. Only one account per person. It can get confusing if someone has multiple accounts and there is no need for it, so please refrain from doing so. If you are caught with a second account, we will notify you and ask you to tell us which one to delete. If you do not respond after a reasonable time period, we will delete your newest account.

14. Absolutely no p**n is permitted on this site. It is against the rules of our host, Forumotion, and there can be serious consequences if we are found with p**n on our board.

Thank you for taking time to read over the rules,
KingOfSpades, Nanoad, PhoenixWarrior and Scorpion


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